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An IMAGE for the Future: New Salon Suite Franchise Owner

We are excited to announce the newest owner of IMAGE Studios: Clark Mohar. Clark came to us at FranCoach with an open mind – to put it in his words, he was “open to literally anything that is financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.” Now, he’s found his perfect match in IMAGE Studios, an attractive real estate opportunity in the beauty industry.

Who Is Clark Mohar?

An incredibly well-qualified candidate for many franchise brands, Clark holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry as well as an MBA in marketing and management. On top of that, he served the country for four years as an Officer in the U.S. Army.

Clark recently retired after a high-powered corporate career in sales, and he is proud of his history of being recruited for increasingly lucrative and prestigious roles. He wants to continue building wealth while being able to devote more time to his wife and his six children, who are now grown up and starting families of their own.

Why Did Clark Make a Career Change?

Clark is taking advantage of an exciting possibility when it comes to franchising: semi-absentee ownership. In order to enjoy his retirement, Clark wanted something that would allow him to partake in high-level involvement and oversight rather than daily work managing a lot of staff.

While Clark had looked at some other brands independently, he had yet to find the right match. FranCoach’s Katie Lepper was able to do that legwork for him, finding him the perfect fit with just the right business model, location, and investment level.

With IMAGE Studios, Clark will be able to enjoy a relaxing retirement and spend time with his family while adding on a financially rewarding endeavor that will help him grow his savings account and make an investment in his future.

Why Will Clark Make a Great Franchise Owner?

Clark likes to network and create relationships. He’s great with people, and with the IMAGE Studios business model, he will have tenants in his space – so he will be able to work with all different types of personalities and create a rewarding work environment for everyone.

With Katie’s help, Clark was able to find a franchise that will allow his skillset to shine and provide him with an opportunity to harness the power of a proven business model to make an investment in the retirement he’s been dreaming of.

Why Did Clark Choose IMAGE Studios?

Founded in 2009, IMAGE Studios is an exclusive salon suite that provides modern, high-end salon studios to salon professionals at affordable prices. With the resources of this established brand, franchisees are able to access support in many areas, including site selection, marketing, construction, recruiting, training, and more.

Clark was initially introduced to the idea of salon suites through a few of his family members who work as salon professionals in the beauty industry. He was intrigued by the structure of the business and began looking at a few brands. While working with FranCoach, Clark was matched with IMAGE Studios.

He loves that he will be able to take on franchise ownership through a part-time model, but more than that, he is excited about the opportunity to help salon professionals grow their own businesses and assist them in becoming entrepreneurs in his own right. Clark sees his role as an owner of IMAGE Studios as a chance to give back to his community – and the brand checks all of his boxes.

Please join our team at FranCoach in congratulating Clark and wishing him luck as a new owner of IMAGE Studios!


The Benefits of Working With FranCoach

FranCoach is a national search firm dedicated to working with individuals who are interested in owning a franchise. We have partnered with over 600 of the top franchisors in the country, spanning nearly 70 industries.

Our goal with clients is to help them find the absolute best franchise for them to own. Our goal with our Franchising 101 podcast series is to help educate people on all aspects of franchise ownership.

Reach out to us to learn more about potentially becoming a franchise owner. There’s never any fee for our service, so why not take the first step today toward your better tomorrow?


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