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Father and Son Team Takes the Lawn Care Industry by Storm

We are excited to announce the newest owners of Lawn Doctor: Scott and Will Franks. This father-son team works well together, and they are excited to get their franchise off the ground soon. Both Will and Scott have extensive business management experience, and they will be combining their enviable skill sets to grow the business to its maximum potential.

Who Are Scott and Will Franks?

Scott Franks started his own landscaping company in Greenville, South Carolina, 13 years ago as a side business to add a second revenue stream on top of other jobs he’s held. He also spent eight years working in a Sales Manager position for a larger regional lawn care company.

Scott’s father, Will, is a business management consultant whose main focus is manufacturing companies – although he has experience dealing with all aspects of strategic management and business process improvement. With a bachelor’s degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Cornell University and a master’s degree in business from UMass Dartmouth, Will is excited to support Scott and provide business management guidance.

Clearly, this father-son team is a dynamic duo, and we can’t wait to see them succeed as Greenville’s newest lawn care providers!

Why Did Scott and Will Make a Career Change?

When Scott came to us at FranCoach, he said what might be the most relatable sentence in franchising history: “I don’t want to work for someone else.” In his previous positions, Scott was frustrated with the inability to implement solutions that would improve business and felt he wasn’t getting the long-term support and training to truly advance. Will was fed up with excessive travel and wanted to set his own schedule and gain more independence.

They saw franchise ownership as an opportunity to make their own decisions and put a proven plan and systems in place. Both Will and Scott were ready to take control of their schedules, lifestyles, finances, and careers – and Lawn Doctor afforded them the chance to do just that while providing stable futures for their families.

Why Will Scott and Will Make Great Franchise Owners?

Scott and Will are a dynamic, father-son dream team. Will is taking on more of a behind-the-scenes role and will be guiding the business with his robust experience in consulting. Scott has lawn care industry experience and is already an entrepreneur, so he will be tackling the sales side of the equation. Scott and Will are excited to combine their skill sets with Lawn Doctor’s proven systems and methods to create a strong business together.

To quote Katie Lepper, who worked with Scott and Will at FranCoach, the duo are “the kindest people I have ever encountered in my life. They have a great father-son energy and are really, really supportive of one another.” Katie sees them as a prime example of what successful franchising in the family can look like. When you work with your relatives, you get the unique opportunity to hire and collaborate with people you already know and trust.

Scott and Will are also excited to add a personal flair to Lawn Doctor, bringing in a mission that’s very important to their family. One of Will’s grandsons has Down syndrome, and the family is very involved in the Down syndrome community. With their own company, Will and Scott will get the chance to expand their community presence, hosting fundraisers and other events. They are excited to incorporate this commitment into their new business.

Why Did Scott and Will Choose Lawn Doctor?

Lawn Doctor is a lawn care brand that goes above and beyond. They pride themselves on being locally owned – with owners that live and work in the communities they serve, they simply care more. Lawn Doctor offers expert, scientific lawn care services to provide their customers with healthy lawns they can be proud of.

With his prior experience in the lawn care industry, Scott sees Lawn Doctor as the perfect fit for his transition to franchise ownership. His vision is to expand his professional career as a Lawn Doctor owner, making a name for himself in his community and providing a stable future for his girlfriend and his family. He is proud to partner with his father, Will, on this venture, and he is confident in their success given their robust skill set and industry knowledge.

Will and Scott bought two Lawn Doctor territories, and they are also planning on buying a third in order to really expand the business. They are happy to have found a franchise that will allow them to build something that can grow with them.

Please join our team at FranCoach in congratulating Will and Scott Franks and wishing them luck as new owners of Lawn Doctor.


The Benefits of Working With FranCoach

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