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Professor Brings Lawn Pride to Oklahoma

Updated: Mar 9

Professor Brings Lawn Pride to Oklahoma

We are excited to announce the newest owner of Lawn Pride: Jason Bussey. A professor of finance and accounting at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Jason is excited about the opportunity to give back to his community and build a financial legacy for his children.

Who Is Jason Bussey?

Jason and his wife, Emily, live in Oklahoma with their three children, whose ages range from eleven to seventeen. Emily is an optometrist and Jason teaches at the college level. As their children grew older, the couple was looking for an opportunity to build and invest in something that would provide a strong financial future for their family.

Why Did Jason Make a Career Change?

Jason worked with FranCoach’s Katie Lepper to explore numerous different franchise ownership options. Throughout the Discovery Process, he was very selective and thorough – he knew from the beginning that his journey would be a marathon, not a sprint. But when Katie introduced Jason to Lawn Pride, a part of the Neighborly suite of home services brands, the connection was immediate.

Lawn Pride offered Jason the perfect opportunity to continue his career as a professor and run his business on a semi-absentee basis. Jason also collaborated with Neighborly’s Director of Franchise Development, John Dobelbower, who helped to showcase the support that Lawn Pride and all of the Neighborly brands provide for their franchisees.

Why Will Jason Make a Great Franchise Owner?

Katie Lepper coached Jason through the franchise exploration process, guiding him toward options that met his needs, goals, and expectations. Here is what Katie has to say about why Jason will make an excellent franchise owner:

“Jason truly wants to create a legacy for his family. He wants to have something that has recurring revenue and will give him room to grow – and that is exactly where Lawn Pride shines. Jason consistently put a lot of thought and research into every brand he vetted, and I am confident that his thoughtfulness throughout the Discovery Process will align with the effort he puts into his new business as an owner.”

Why Did Jason Choose Lawn Pride?

Lawn Pride is one of Neighborly’s nineteen industry-leading franchise brands. The company offers its customers numerous lawn care solutions with year-round business and recurring revenue. This in-demand service paired with the stellar support of the Neighborly team offers aspiring franchisees a top-tier opportunity with an attainable cost of entry.

During their Discovery Process, Jason and Emily attended the Neighborly Reunion, a yearly event put on by Neighborly for current owners as well as candidates who are considering a Neighborly brand. At the reunion, Jason and Emily fell in love with Neighborly’s welcoming culture and massive support network.

They also got the chance to meet Lawn Pride’s CEO, Susan McIntosh – and Susan and Emily built a strong connection right away. While Lawn Pride is an emerging brand in the franchising scene, Jason felt confident in the well-run system and wonderful culture that Susan had created, and he confirmed that the brand was the perfect fit for his family.

Please join our team at FranCoach in congratulating Jason Bussey and wishing him luck as a new owner of Lawn Pride.


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