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This Golfer Knows a Good Lawn: Neighborly’s Newest Franchisee

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

We are excited to announce the newest owner of Lawn Pride: Shawn Standen. After twenty years in the commercial banking industry, a move to a new state offered Shawn the perfect opportunity to start a new business and be his own boss.

Who Is Shawn Standen?

Formerly a commercial lending officer, Shawn holds an MBA. While he enjoyed the business development side of his previous career, he wanted a shift away from the high-pressure environment of banking. Throughout his years in the workforce, Shawn had always been employed by privately owned companies and had seen the incomes those at the top were able to enjoy. These experiences made him excited about working for himself.

Why Did Shawn Make a Career Change?

Shawn’s wife, Stephanie, recently accepted a promotion in her healthcare role, prompting the couple to move to the Nashville area. Shawn saw this as an opportunity to explore self-employment, which led him to FranCoach. Through working with FranCoach, Shawn was able to receive guidance and coaching that helped him discover a franchise aligned with his needs, goals, and expectations.

That’s exactly what Shawn found in Lawn Pride, an emerging franchise business under the Neighborly umbrella. In his new role as an owner, Shawn will be able to achieve his dream of working for himself, scale a significant business in a new market, and be the face of the organization for his new neighbors.

Why Will Shawn Make a Great Franchise Owner?

At FranCoach, Shawn worked with Katie Lepper, who guided him through the process of vetting different franchise options. Here’s what Katie has to say about why Shawn is sure to succeed:

“Shawn is eager to help people. He loves building relationships. Since he is moving into a whole new state and a new city, business ownership will be such a great way for him to form new relationships and make a positive impact in his community.”

Throughout the Discovery Process, Shawn also collaborated with Neighborly’s Director of Franchise Development, John Dobelbower. Here’s what John has to say about why Shawn will be an excellent owner of Lawn Pride:

“Team FranCoach once again delivered an incredible candidate for Lawn Pride and Neighborly. Shawn Standen’s strong financial acumen from his time in corporate banking and his winning personality make him an ideal addition to Neighborly’s newest home service brand. Shawn enjoys the scalability of the business. The high-volume nature and centralized support that is key when launching your first business is there for Shawn to take full advantage of.”

John also mentioned that Shawn’s history in collegiate athletics might even play a role…

“Shawn is familiar with what green and healthy lawns should look like, having been a Division 1 golfer in college. He will look to put that sense of concentration and determination into making his new neighbors’ lawns look like the golf courses that he dominated! We are thrilled to have him, and we always appreciate the partnership with FranCoach for delivering some of our most successful owners.”

Why Did Shawn Choose Lawn Pride?

Lawn Pride is one of Neighborly’s nineteen industry-leading franchise brands. The company offers its customers numerous lawn care solutions with year-round business and recurring revenue. This in-demand service paired with the stellar support of the Neighborly team offers aspiring franchisees a top-tier opportunity with an attainable cost of entry.

For Shawn, choosing Lawn Pride was a no-brainer – and it didn’t feel like a decision at all. He appreciated the brand’s commitment to supporting its franchisees and the scalability that Lawn Pride offers. Shawn hopes to grow his empire with Neighborly and scale into new territories in the near future.

After attending an in-person Meet the Team Day, Shawn was sold. He commented that Lawn Pride’s president, Susan McIntosh, and her husband are amazing people who already feel like family and that the brand is clearly a well-oiled machine. He is looking forward to getting started and bringing all that Lawn Pride has to offer to his new community in Tennessee.

Please join our team at FranCoach in congratulating Shawn Standen and wishing him luck as a new owner of Lawn Pride!


The Benefits of Working With FranCoach

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Our goal with clients is to help them find the absolute best franchise for them to own. Our goal with our Franchising 101 podcast series is to help educate people on all aspects of franchise ownership.

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