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A Window Into Self-Employment: The Newest Owner of Turbo Tint

We are excited to announce the newest owner of Turbo Tint: Ronald Johnson. A retired Army Veteran with 20 years of military experience, Ronald has a unique appreciation for processes and systems – like the ones that grease the wheels of franchises across the nation. Ronald is excited to be his own boss and invest in his financial future.

Who Is Ronald Johnson?

With decades of military experience and a robust career with the Department of Defense, Ronald has plenty to be proud of – and he’s acquired numerous skills along the way that will make him an excellent franchise owner. He considers his greatest achievement the successful completion of U.S. Army Ranger School, a challenging tactical training program that accepts just 165 aspiring rangers each year (and only one-third of them graduate).

Ronald and his wife, Deolyn – whose children are now adults in their early thirties – were both involved throughout the franchise Discovery Process. They make a strong team, and the two of them are excited to branch out together into self-employment.

Why Did Ronald Make a Career Change?

As Ronald wrapped up his military career, he was looking for a shift in direction. He wanted an opportunity to go out on his own and create a legacy – but more than that, he wanted control over his own life, time, and flexibility.

While Ronald loved the continued personal and professional development that he experienced in the military, he wanted more flexibility than he could get at a typical 9-5 job. His desire to control his own schedule and productivity brought him to FranCoach, where he worked with Luke Schulte to find the perfect franchise for his goals, needs, and expectations.

Why Will Ronald Make a Great Franchise Owner?

Many franchisors love working with Veterans like Ronald. Why? More than most people, Veterans can see a process and a system and know how to execute those assets. Luke Schulte, Ronald’s FranCoach liaison, commented that Ronald will certainly excel in that regard. Here is what else Luke had to say:

“Ronald is direct, he is thorough, and he knows how to achieve the goals that he sets for himself. He also has a strong ability to help others find value in the systems and processes behind a franchise. Ronald is a natural leader, and he knows how to help others succeed along with him.”

Why Did Ronald Choose Turbo Tint?

Turbo Tint is one leg of the Moran Family of Brands, a group that has been taking the aftermarket automotive repair, maintenance, and accessories industry by storm over the past 30 years. Turbo Tint offers one-hour auto window tinting as well as paint protection and architectural tinting. With strong franchisor support from Moran, Turbo Tint offers franchise owners a ticket into a niche industry with plenty of room for growth.

Throughout the Discovery Process, Ronald was able to create strong connections with the Moran team. He worked with Moran’s Franchise Development Representative Ben Reist, and appreciated Ben’s professionalism and guidance. The family-first attitude of Moran Brands resonated with Ronald and his wife, and they are excited to bring the multitude of high-quality services that Turbo Tint offers to their local community.

Please join our team at FranCoach in congratulating Ronald Johnson and wishing him luck as a new owner of Turbo Tint!


The Benefits of Working With FranCoach

FranCoach is a national search firm dedicated to working with individuals who are interested in owning a franchise. We have partnered with over 600 of the top franchisors in the country, spanning nearly 70 industries.

Our goal with clients is to help them find the absolute best franchise for them to own. Our goal with our Franchising 101 podcast series is to help educate people on all aspects of franchise ownership.

Reach out to us to learn more about potentially becoming a franchise owner. There’s never any fee for our service, so why not take the first step today toward your better tomorrow?


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