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Air Force Mobility Pilot Takes the Wheel With Auto Detailing Franchise

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

We’re excited to announce the newest owner of Grizzly Auto Detailing: Cody Smith. Of all his many achievements, Cody is most proud of being a father to three young children and a husband to his lovely wife, Callie. But now, Cody has something else to add to this list: He’s a business owner.

Who Is Cody Smith?

Cody, an active member of the U.S. Air Force, wanted to find a franchise that supported a semi-absentee ownership model. He likes his current career, but he’s hoping to use franchise ownership as a long-term exit path in order to transition out of the Air Force when he is finished with his service.

A resident of North Carolina, Cody got his bachelor’s degree in business administration and project management. After completing his college education, he joined the military, where he has served his country since.

Why Did Cody Make a Career Change?

With three children aged 5, 4, and 2, Cody was looking to make a change. While there were many aspects of his previous jobs that he enjoyed, he sometimes felt bogged down by monotonous busy work and a “same stuff, different day” attitude. He wanted a career that made him excited to get out of bed in the morning.

Cody is proud of his many achievements in the Air Force, which include many accolades in military aviation (such as an Air medal, an Aerial Achievement medal, and character awards). While he’s proud to have served his country, he’s now looking at building a path to self-employment.

He wants to take control of his income and buy assets that make money instead of working for a W-2. Cody chose to look into franchising instead of buying an established business due to the day-one support he could receive from a franchisor, the opportunity for customer acquisition, and the scalability of a franchise. While Cody is passionate about heavy equipment, construction, aviation, service-based business, and businesses with an in-person component, he was open to any franchise that he felt had a strong future and the chance for a solid return on investment.

Why Will Cody Make a Great Franchise Owner?

Cody is excited about his new role as an owner of Grizzly Auto Detailing. His military experience, robust training, and leadership roles have made prepared him well for the job. While in the Air Force, Cody managed multiple teams of both civilian and military employees. He’s excited to work with his new staff and build a strong team.

Cody enjoys finding creative solutions to problems, and he loves machinery. He prides himself on being able to tackle “big picture” work and excels in the decision-making process. Cody’s many strengths include customer relations, critical thinking, common-sense decision-making, team and morale building, and following through on his commitments.

Our team at FranCoach is thrilled that Cody was able to find his perfect match in Grizzly Auto Detailing. We are certain that Cody will do an excellent job applying these skills in his new position, and we can’t wait to hear more about his success.

Why Did Cody Choose Grizzly Auto Detailing?

Grizzly Auto Detailing is a brand founded on the premise of providing every customer with a reliable, top-quality car detailing experience – and that is a promise they follow through on every day. Grizzly offers a mobile app that allows its technicians to visit customers wherever they are, and it currently serves over 40 major U.S. cities.

It’s also worth noting that Grizzly is a business founded by Veterans. With his own military background, Cody felt right at home with Grizzly’s team. Plus, they supported the semi-absentee ownership model that Cody was looking for, allowing him to finish out his career in the Air Force as he begins growing his new business. Over time, Cody plans to transition into running his business full-time.

Please join our team at FranCoach in congratulating Cody Smith and wishing him luck as a new owner of Grizzly Auto Detailing.


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