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Army Veteran Finds a Home in the Auto Industry

We are excited to announce the newest owner of Grizzly Auto Detailing: RaSean Uzzell. A U.S. Army veteran with a background in IT, RaSean is ready to expand his portfolio with this flexible semi-absentee opportunity. 

Who Is RaSean Uzzell?

RaSean and his wife live in Maryland, where they are enthusiastic about building their financial future with three new franchise territories. RaSean is proud of his accomplishments in his systems engineering role, where he worked on cloud systems integration and gained numerous tech certifications. His military background also gave him strong leadership experience and a commitment to finding fulfilling work

Why Did RaSean Make a Career Change?

As his children began to grow up and become more independent, RaSean felt it was the right time to start building the next chapter of his career. Motivated by the desire to bolster his full-time job with a financially rewarding side hustle, RaSean first came to FranCoach looking to invest in a gym or restaurant franchise opportunity. As so often happens, however, he found his perfect franchise match somewhere he never expected: the auto industry

FranCoach’s Lisa Rios guided RaSean through the Discovery Process, where he had the opportunity to examine multiple brands to discover his ideal role as an owner and identify an option that aligned with his needs, goals, and budget. Grizzly Auto Detailing gave RaSean the flexibility he was looking for coupled with the chance to see strong returns on his investment. 

Why Will RaSean Make a Great Franchise Owner?

Lisa and RaSean worked together closely throughout the Discovery and Validation Processes at FranCoach. Here’s what Lisa has to say about why RaSean will make an incredible franchise owner: 

“As a veteran, RaSean was a great candidate for franchise ownership from the start. He already understands how to follow a process and execute a proven plan. But beyond that, RaSean is passionate about owning a business for himself and making that business work with boots-on-the-ground involvement. I cannot wait to see him succeed.”

Why Did RaSean Choose Grizzly Auto Detailing?

Grizzly Auto Detailing is a veteran-founded business centered around providing every customer with a reliable, top-quality car detailing experience – and that is a promise they follow through on every day. Grizzly even offers a mobile app that allows its technicians to visit customers wherever they are, and it currently serves over 40 major U.S. cities.

RaSean and his wife attended an in-person Meet the Team Day, where they built strong relationships with the Grizzly crew, particularly Andy Scroggin. The semi-absentee model, the strong support, and the smooth integration alongside his existing corporate career all contributed to RaSean’s excitement about the Grizzly brand.

Please join our team at FranCoach in congratulating RaSean Uzzell and wishing him luck as a new owner of Grizzly Auto Detailing. 


The Benefits of Working With FranCoach

FranCoach is a national search firm dedicated to working with individuals who are interested in owning a franchise. We have partnered with over 600 of the top franchisors in the country, spanning nearly 70 industries. 

Our goal with clients is to help them find the absolute best franchise for them to own. Our goal with our Franchising 101 podcast series is to help educate people on all aspects of franchise ownership. 

Reach out to us to learn more about potentially becoming a franchise owner. There’s never any fee for our service, so why not take the first step today toward your better tomorrow?


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