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Football Coach Scores a Touchdown in the Home Improvement Industry

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

We are excited to announce the newest owner of Archadeck: Neal Neathery. After 29 years of following his passions and coaching college football, Neal is ready to make an investment in his financial future and ensure that he is able to save for retirement. As a business that will benefit from Neal’s team leadership skills and allow him to work outdoors, Archadeck was the perfect match.

Who Is Neal Neathery?

Neal holds a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from Wheaton College and an M.S. from Fort Hays State University. But his educational background is far from the only thing that makes him a standout candidate in the world of franchising. With nearly three decades of coaching college football under his belt, Neal has unmatched skills in team building, leadership, and strategy execution.

He considers the successes he saw in his football coaching career some of his highest achievements. Neal and his colleagues transformed one program into a thriving team that played in five bowl games and won nine games in 2018. The same skills that have helped Neal succeed as a coach will now translate into success in franchising, too.

Why Did Neal Make a Career Change?

Neal has always wanted to own his own business, and as his previous career became too all-encompassing, he realized it was time to set some boundaries. He loved his job, but seven-day, 100-hour weeks were becoming too much to handle. Plus, he wanted to be closer to his three children, who are now adults, and build a home base where his whole family could comfortably visit and spend time together.

With franchising, Neal is excited to exercise more control over his own destiny. He will be able to control his schedule as well as his location – he and his wife, Rebecca, are thrilled to have more choices with regard to where they’re going to settle down. Neal is looking forward to taking ownership of his life and moving on to the next phase in his professional career.

Why Will Neal Make a Great Franchise Owner?

Neal’s previous career in college football coaching has equipped him to succeed as a franchise owner in many ways. But beyond that, Luke Schulte, who worked with Neal at FranCoach, says that Neal is just “an all-around good guy.” In Luke’s words, here’s why Neal will be a fantastic franchise owner:

“Whatever franchise Neal selected, they were going to be lucky to have him. Neal is going to be a great franchisee because his career as a coach has allowed him to understand systems, and he understands methodology. He’s not one that wants to reinvent the wheel, but he wants to take the systems that are already there and make them his. The sky is the limit for Neal.”

Why Did Neal Choose Archadeck?

Archadeck is a deck-building franchise in the thriving home improvement industry. For any aspiring franchise owners who are interested in the recession-resistant home services industry, Archadeck offers a custom design and build home renovation franchise model with over 25 years of experience and over $1 billion in completed projects.

For Neal, Archadeck offered the professionalism and the quality product that he was looking for, plus the opportunity for significant returns based on the investment levels. He liked the fact that he wouldn’t have to manage a thousand people – he could build and grow his business with the systems of subcontractors and targeted marketing that really spoke to him.

Neal attended an in-person Meet the Team Day with Archadeck and got the chance to connect with their entire team. He especially loved working with Archadeck’s Director of Franchise Recruiting, Erin Zide, who was professional from start to finish. Neal is excited to be part of the Archadeck crew and grow his nest egg with a high-quality business.

Please join our team at FranCoach in congratulating Neal Neathery and wishing him luck as a new owner of Archadeck.


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