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HomeVestors’ Newest Home Improvement Expert Makes Moves in North Carolina

Updated: Mar 9

HomeVestors’ Newest Home Improvement Expert Makes Moves in North Carolina

We are excited to announce the newest owner of HomeVestors: Jeff Roberts. With a passion for real estate and a decades-long career in the home improvement industry, Jeff found his perfect fit in this unique franchise opportunity.

Who Is Jeff Roberts?

A resident of North Carolina, Jeff boasts incredible hands-on experience in the home remodeling sector. As an operational director for multiple major home improvement retailers, Jeff has juggled numerous responsibilities overseeing big remodeling projects and managing nationwide partnerships for suppliers and contractors.

Above all else, Jeff prioritizes customer satisfaction. He helped one big-box retailer transform their customer experience metrics, bringing them back to the forefront of service. Now, he is excited to bring that same dedication to his new business as an owner of HomeVestors.

Why Did Jeff Make a Career Change?

While Jeff has enjoyed a successful career working for other companies, he knew that it had come time to do something for himself. With a robust skill set in the home improvement industry and decades of experience, he felt confident in his ability to succeed. He is looking forward to kicking off this new chapter of his career and investing in a financially stable retirement down the line.

During the Discovery Process, FranCoach’s Krista Lowe introduced Jeff to HomeVestors. After diligently vetting the franchise, Jeff could clearly envision himself thriving as a part of the brand’s community. He asked Krista, “Is this too good to be true?” But when an opportunity is truly the right fit for you, it’s not too good to be true – you just didn’t know where to look for it.

Why Will Jeff Make a Great Franchise Owner?

At FranCoach, Jeff worked with coach Krista Lowe to find a franchise opportunity that perfectly aligned with his talents, his goals, and his expectations. When Krista introduced him to HomeVestors during the Discovery Process, he immediately felt a strong connection. Here is what Krista has to say about why Jeff will shine as a HomeVestors owner:

“Jeff is incredibly meticulous and brings so much attention to detail to everything he does. He is truly driven by providing a positive experience for clients – so any business he chose would have gone very well for him. But HomeVestors was the brand that brought together his interests, his skills, and his ideal day-to-day life. Jeff was thorough and consistent throughout the Discovery Process, which allowed him to feel confident that he had found the right match. I know Jeff is going to excel at running a business with multiple moving pieces and managing others to succeed.”

Why Did Jeff Choose HomeVestors?

HomeVestors is a unique franchise model in the real estate industry that offers owners three different revenue streams for stability in the real estate industry. Owners can buy homes to flip, rent, or resell – and with a uniquely collaborative culture, the HomeVestors network functions as one large team. For prospective franchisees with an interest in real estate, it is a very attractive option.

For Jeff, HomeVestors aligned with everything he was looking for. With three unique revenue streams available, he felt confident that he would be able to thrive in any type of economy, making it a safe investment. Jeff was thorough in his assessment of the franchise, conducting numerous Validation Calls to chat with and learn from other owners in nearby territories.

After these conversations, Jeff immediately felt he was among friends. He feels lucky to know he can count on the supportive HomeVestors network and is excited to kick off his new business in North Carolina.

Please join our team at FranCoach in congratulating Jeff Roberts and wishing him luck as a new owner of HomeVestors.


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