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Husband-and-Wife Franchise Owners Make a Splash

We are excited to announce the newest owners of British Swim School: Freddy and Susan Hunt. This husband-and-wife duo are both former athletes who are excited to bring a business that truly makes a difference to their local community. With its combination of helping kids, promoting athletics, and partnering with local businesses, British Swim School offered Susan and Freddy everything they were looking for.

Who Are Freddy and Susan Hunt?

Freddy and Susan have one five-year-old child, and Freddy works in the scientific field as a chemist. Before their journey into franchise ownership, Susan worked in beverage and alcohol sales. The couple has always been passionate about community involvement and helping children in their local area.

Initially, franchise ownership was Freddy’s project. He wanted to get a business going on the side that would allow him the flexibility of semi-absentee ownership and the opportunity to eventually go full-time and have more freedom and quality time with his family. But Susan, listening in to Freddy’s calls with FranCoach, was so inspired that she decided to join in on the fun…

Why Did Freddy and Susan Make a Career Change?

Both Freddy and Susan had strong careers before franchise ownership, and Freddy is excited to continue working as a chemist while the pair starts their British Swim School franchise. After discovering all that franchising could offer, however, Susan decided that she would rather be her own boss than work for someone else. Once FranCoach introduced them to British Swim School, Susan felt so passionate about the brand that she knew that she wanted to make it her full-time job.

From the get-go, Freddy and Susan wanted a business that would give them the chance to create a positive impact in their community. And as former athletes themselves, the Hunts strongly believe that sports teach kids so much. British Swim School was the perfect fit to combine their areas of interest.

Why Will Freddy and Susan Make Great Franchise Owners?

Freddy and Susan worked with FranCoach’s Krista Lowe to find the franchise that met all of their needs, goals, and expectations. Here’s what Krista has to say about why they are sure to succeed as owners of British Swim School:

"They have such big hearts for kids. Anything that involved helping kids, I could already see they were going to be great at. It was just about finding the right one. I’m so ecstatic that they’ve found it, and British Swim School is one of the best systems out there.”

Krista also added that Freddy was diligent about adhering to the FranCoach Discovery Process. This gave him a leg up when it came to discovering the right franchise for his family:

“Freddy really followed the evaluation process to properly evaluate each franchise to know if it was the right thing. He stuck to our guidance and was able to be very discerning about whether or not we were on the right track. By the time he got to Discovery Day, he had gotten every question answered and done all of the due diligence. His willingness to follow the process allowed him to learn a LOT, but more importantly, it shows he will be a great franchise owner.”

Why Did Freddy and Susan Choose British Swim School?

British Swim School is a unique franchise opportunity dedicated to providing a space for children of all ages to learn how to swim. Their lessons have been proven to prevent child drownings by utilizing one-of-a-kind techniques taught by experienced instructors. With a B2B element in partnering with local businesses to use pool space and a B2C element in networking with end consumers, British Swim School offers franchisees a chance to start a business with a purpose without high investment or buildout costs.

With Susan’s background in beverage and alcohol sales, she has the networking experience to excel in both the B2B and B2C sides of the British Swim School equation. The brand’s mission of preventing child drownings resonated strongly with Freddy and Susan, and the scalability and support the franchisor offers as part of Buzz Franchise Brands helped to seal the deal.

While evaluating different franchisors, Susan and Freddy visited a British Swim School location in Philadelphia. They saw how much fun the children were having learning to swim, saw the opportunity for word-of-mouth advertising, and got extremely excited about it. In Freddy’s words, “If you can have that much fun and make money too, why not do it?”

The Hunts attended an in-person Discovery Day where they were able to make strong connections with the British Swim School team. At the end of the day, it didn’t even feel like a decision. FranCoach helped them find the perfect fit, and we can’t wait to see them succeed.

Please join our team at FranCoach in congratulating Freddy and Susan Hunt and wishing them luck as new owners of British Swim School.


The Benefits of Working With FranCoach

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