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New Franchisee Brings the Candy Cloud Craze to Nashville

We are excited to announce the newest owner of Candy Cloud: Michael Murray. With a robust history of success in the financial world as well as military experience behind him, Michael is thrilled to begin a new phase of his career working for himself.

Who Is Michael Murray?

Michael is a father to two-year-old Hudson as well as a husband to his wife Crystal, a physical therapist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing as well as an MBA and has been working on Wall Street for years. He considers passing the legendarily difficult CFA (chartered financial analyst) exam one of his greatest achievements.

While Michael found his corporate career rewarding and intellectually stimulating, there was something missing. His job did not allow for any semblance of work-life balance, and he wanted the chance to build something of his own instead of working for others.

Why Did Michael Make a Career Change?

As he looked for an opportunity to regain control over his time and his lifestyle, Michael began investigating the world of franchising. He had listened to some episodes of the Franchising 101 Podcast and looked into a few franchise opportunities on his own, but had come up short in his own search.

That’s when Michael came to FranCoach. He was looking for a fresh perspective and was hoping to find someone to guide him through the Discovery Process. He was open-minded and explored a variety of different options before finding Candy Cloud – a franchise that perfectly meshed with his needs, goals, and expectations.

Why Will Michael Make a Great Franchise Owner?

At FranCoach, Michael worked with Luke Schulte to investigate various franchising opportunities and hone in on the one that was his perfect match. Here is what Luke has to say about why Michael will be an excellent franchise owner:

“Mike will be a great franchisee because he has that pioneer spirit – he is willing to try something new and go out on his own. He has already experienced a certain level of success through his career on Wall Street, and franchising with Candy Cloud will give him the chance to discover a new kind of success in working for himself. I look forward to seeing Mike thrive in this new endeavor; there is no doubt in my mind that he is going to be a wonderful franchisee.”

Why Did Michael Choose Candy Cloud?

Candy Cloud is a specialty drink shop that goes above and beyond the offerings of a typical coffee chain. It appeals to a new generation of consumers and a new generation of coffee drinkers with its modern, sleek branding and unique packaging. This quick-service beverage brand already has a strong following of dedicated fans who keep on coming back.

For Michael, Candy Cloud offered a novel franchise opportunity that would be new to his area in Nashville and appeal strongly to the demographic there – it was simply the perfect combination. And when he attended an in-person Meet the Team Day, Michael discovered another perfect combination…

At Meet the Team Day, Michael met another candidate who was interested in the same territory. But instead of getting territorial about it, the two men decided to join forces to invest in an even larger opportunity. While Michael was initially considering one location, he ended up signing a deal for three stores and gained a business partner in the process! With their complementary strengths and alignment of ideas, Michael and his partner can’t wait to bring Candy Cloud to the Nashville area.

Please join our team at FranCoach in congratulating Michael Murray and wishing him luck as a new owner of Candy Cloud.


The Benefits of Working With FranCoach

FranCoach is a national search firm dedicated to working with individuals who are interested in owning a franchise. We have partnered with over 600 of the top franchisors in the country, spanning nearly 70 industries.

Our goal with clients is to help them find the absolute best franchise for them to own. Our goal with our Franchising 101 podcast series is to help educate people on all aspects of franchise ownership.

Reach out to us to learn more about potentially becoming a franchise owner. There’s never any fee for our service, so why not take the first step today toward your better tomorrow?


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