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Putting Themselves First By Helping Others: Georgia Couple Starts Senior Care Franchise

We’re excited to announce the newest owner of Senior Helpers: Julio Vazquez. After years of working for other people, Julio and his wife Debbie are excited to own their own business while still making a difference in their community. With their three children grown up and out of the house and their mortgage paid off, the Vazquezes are ready to invest in themselves.

Who Is Julio Vazquez?

A sports-loving resident of the “Peach State,” Julio has had a long management career in the automotive service industry. He prides himself on being an honest, hardworking leader who plans to build his franchise with integrity, respect, and empathy.

Of all of his many achievements, Julio is most proud of his ability to mentor employees and then cheer them on as they meet and exceed their goals. Many of his former entry-level employees are now running their own successful companies or departments.

Why Did Julio Make a Career Change?

Julio is proud of the way he has achieved his financial goals: He’s paid off his house, sent his three children to college, and has minimal remaining debt. While he could have rested on his laurels, Julio saw a golden opportunity to take advantage of what he had saved, creating something even better.

He’s excited about the opportunity to run his own business and create the team and culture that he values so highly. He hopes to continue involving his wife and his youngest daughter in the business in order to build something that can be passed on and even outlive him, setting up future generations of his family for success.

Why Will Julio Make a Great Franchise Owner?

Julio has always loved the teambuilding and cultural aspects of working toward a common goal. He cherishes the excitement of a group coming together to create something great for their customers and their team. Above all, Julio wants to have a positive impact on his community and the lives of both his customers and his employees.

This selfless attitude is just one of many reasons Julio will make an excellent franchise owner. Even when he worked in management for other businesses, he always ran the companies and cared about them as if they were his own. But now, Julio has the chance to truly run his own business and reap all the associated benefits. We can’t wait to see him succeed!

Why Did Julio Choose Senior Helpers?

Senior Helpers is one of the leading brands in the senior care industry, and it offers a proven, highly scalable model that has helped many franchisees succeed – in a big way. The business pairs an opportunity to make a difference in the community with strong revenue potential and a long history of success.

While Julio did not have prior home care or healthcare experience, Senior Helpers does not require any – the franchisor offers world-class training and ongoing support for even those who are new to the industry. Julio liked that he would be able to build a large, close-knit staff and knew that he could rely on the franchisor for any support he needed.

Please join our team at FranCoach in congratulating Julio and wishing him luck as a new owner of Senior Helpers.


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